Dirty Blonde

Monday, 30 May 2011

A couple of nights ago I took the plunge and ombred my hair. I have to say I am very happy with the results!
After reading many, many articles and blog entries about ombre I really thought it would give my hairstyle the uplift it needed and I think it definately does. I wanted to make some kind of change to my hair but I didn't want to commit to another colour and I really didn't want to cut it.

(I apologise about this dodgy photo....I look a bit froggy on it but whatever)

I've had so many compliments about it and I just love the fact that no one else I know personally has the same thing. I do like to stand out in some way as an individual and this definately achieves that!
I went to a party last night and with my outfit (pictures to follow soon) I felt very funky, which was lovely as I hardly ever feel totally happy with my appearance.

So it was pretty simple to do, following the advice of many other blogs I just bought a basic highlighting kit and covered the ends of my hair with it. I left it on for 30 mins and when I washed it off I was left with this dirty blonde/very light brown hair. I think it looks reasonably natural and it seems to make my skin look brighter. I feel very California beach babe at the moment! All wavy hair and bleached tips!

The only downside is that my ends are now super dry so i'm using a night cream for hair overnight and I'm very seriously debating investing in a bottle of Morocconoil because i've heard it can work wonders :)

Ombre is definately a trend that I hope sticks around because i'm really loving it. My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier! So if you're looking at that box of bleach and wondering should I? shouldn't I? just go for it!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So I know it's been forever but I just haven't had anything to say and what's the point in blogging when you have nothing to say?
University is over and finished forever and I must say I am bored stiff. Since I'm only working part time (and i mean part time) I don't have any money to go anywhere other than the gym. I'm living in the gym at the moment. I will get myself in shape for my holiday if it kills me!
Anyway, me chatting rubbish wasn't the point of this post, the point of this post was ombre!


Recently I've been so bored with my hair. I love the length so I'd never cut it and I did debate dying it bright red but with my graduation (12th July - eek!) looming it seemed silly to dye it a mad colour when I know in 20 years I'd look back at the photo and regret it so ombre came to mind.
After a lot of careful consideration and weighting up the pros and cons I've decided to go for it. I think that it looks so cool and really pretty. It's also pretty easy to cover up if it goes wrong. I know I'm pretty late jumping on this bandwagon but I just really love this look and I think it makes such a difference to long hair, really adds some interest. I was also thinking that if i ever got bored and fancied a change, some bright wash out colour would look pretty cool :)

I actually had ombre hair when I was about 15, except back then we called it dipping and I had it bright pink! I was quite a punk/mosher back then so I had different coloured hair every week.

When i get paid next week I'm going to get myself down to Boots, pick up a box of bleach and get to work!
What do you guys think of Ombre?

Photo credited to whowhatwear.com

One step forward....One step back

Monday, 2 May 2011

Hey Guys :) Very word laden post today i'm afraid!
Again, I've been noticeably absent but not without good reason! I've been finishing off my essays, ready to be rid of them forever! My last one is due in on Thursday and I actually cannot wait. I just want it all to be over forever.

Unfortunately I don't have any oufit pics or anything to show you because recently all I've been wearing is my essay writing uniform of leggings and oversized tee. Not very exciting I assure you.
At the moment I've been on abit of a downer (which I imagine a lot of people in my situation are right now), I've come to the end of my degree and I just don't know what to do with myself. I feel like my life is at a complete stand still and I dont like that. I'm impatient and I like to keep on moving. I know what I want to do with my life but its not something that you can easily achieve.

Originally I wanted to work on a magazine (Company would be my dream publication) but I just don't know if i'll ever make it. Recently this dream has resurfaced and I'm wondering whether to go for it or not. Last summer I spent a week at Heat magazine and I absolutely adored the whole experience. My two main problems are the fact that I dont live in London and I dont have the money to work for free to gain experience. I'm willing to relocate but I just dont know how people do it without money, usually from wealthy parents which I unfortunately dont have.
I think really that I should stop being so negative and worrying and just try and go for it! If I want something I just need to reach out and grab it. This thinking has resulted in watching copious episodes of The Hills if i'm honest! I know it isn't all completely true but I can't help but be inspired by it. It gets me really excited at the prospect of working in the fashion industry and it makes me want to put myself out there.

What would you guys do if anything was achievable for you?
I'd up and go to Paris if life was that simple. Imagine if it was.


image credited to http://sayingimages.tumblr.com/
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