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Monday, 21 February 2011

Right so I feel some changes need to be made. Recently I've been feeling rubbish in myself and the only person who can fix that is me. Feeling crap is a vicious circle as when you feel rubbish about yourself, you feel rubbish in work, you feel rubbish in university and you just feel generally awful. I can't be bothered to wear nice clothes and go places and that in turn makes me feel worse.
Making one change can affect your whole life. This week I plan to start eating better and getting some exercise as when I feel better about my body, my soul will also reap the benefits. I'm nearing the end of my university life and I want to start my chosen career as soon as possible. I've been thinking a lot about my future recently and deciding what I want for myself. I finally have a clear plan for myself and I'm going to do whatever possible to make that happen.

This year didn't start well for me and I have fallen into the trap of wallowing in self pity just because it's easier than facing things head on and sorting things out. Last night I made the decision that things had to change because life is short and I don't have the time to waste.  This year I will be graduating (massive deal!), going to my first festival (GLASTO!!!) and having possibly my last girly getaway to Zante (this is really our last chance now before we all start moving away and starting our careers). I have a lot to look forward too and I need to make sure that I make the most of this. I need to change 2011 from being the year that started with a load of unpleasantness and make it the year I changed my life.

I know I've probably over shared here but I just believe that this blog could be a key component in helping me achieve my future goals. I'm also feeling inspired by all the blogs i've been reading recently, some of these girls are so amazing and have made so much happen for themselves. I want to be one of these girls :) So what changes have you made this year?

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  1. Adore this post bb! I know exactly how you feel & I wish you all the best with trying to achieve a happier you :) xx


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