Christmas with Esprit

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….how is it nearly Christmas again? It’s crazy how fast this year has gone! As fast as the year is flying by (& how fast I’m hurdling towards 28…) I can’t deny how excited I am for Christmas to get here. Nights by the fire with hot chocolate, Christmas markets & my absolute favourite thing – buying gifts.
I LOVE buying gifts for people. I love thinking of what people will like. I love finding that perfect item and waiting to see the faces of your loved ones as they open them. It’s such a fabulous time of year and making other people happy is always a delight.
I’ve declared my love for Esprit before and that is still true. I was hunting through the website looking for ideas and such and so many things just jumped out at me. They’ve got the most Christmassy star theme going on with some of their gifts and if you can’t enjoy sparkly stars at Christmas time when can you?
Esprit have got it all from beautiful jewellery, to gorgeous homeware, to the most stunning glittery platforms (which will be perfect for my works night out *heart eyed emoji*). I’m just obsessed with this website at the moment. It’s a one stop shop for women, men, kids & homeware, there’s literally something for everyone and that makes shopping easy which is always a bonus.
Girls (& guys) get yourself over there and have a browse. I dare you to try and not fall in love with all those stars. 

What I eat in a day #1

Saturday, 7 May 2016

I'm such a nosy girl and I love seeing what people have been eating. It's so secret that I love food & I love to cook so seeing other people's recipes gives me plenty of inspiration. I've been trying to get abit healthier so adapting my cooking & eating style from how it used to be. I'm feeling pretty successful with it so I just thought I'd share what I've been having.

 photo 17e83d4b-ad69-47a2-a1aa-b360cbfdbc71.png

Baked oats is probably my favourite breakfast. It's basically oats baked with some yogurt and an egg. It doesn't sound groundbreaking and before I tried it the first time I wasn't convinced but after I had it I loved it. It's tasty, filling and it feels pretty indulgent when it isn't. Perfect after a work out to refuel or to set you up for a long day. 

 photo c287bffa-400c-4ad5-a0ca-6522d78e363b.png

I try to eat lightly at lunch time. I know they say you should have your biggest meal at lunch time and a smaller meal at dinner time but that doesn't work for me. When I'm working I like to eat soup or salad to keep my energy levels regulated. I hate eating carbs at lunch as I seem to slump afterwards. This broccoli soup is from Jessica Sepel's Healthy Life cookbook and while it may not look like much, it's delicious. Really fresh and healthy. You can get the book here

 photo bfec52f4-4b98-46b8-9b64-e766e1b09b3d.png

I'm trying to make sure my meals are more plant based so I'm incorporating this where I can. This courgetti & meatballs is a perfect way to do this. I made the meatballs myself extra lean mince and just threw loads of vegetables together to make a sauce (chopped tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach & onions). I then served this on courgette noodles and we had a small portion of mozzarella melted on the top. This is was so delicious and we didn't even miss the pasta! 

Make Up Brush Essentials

Thursday, 5 May 2016

 photo essential brushes.jpg

I love my make up brushes. Admittedly I don't have the largest collection but that's a work in process.  I just thought I'd do a quick run down of some of my essentials. 
My collection is mainly made up of Zoeva & Real Techniques (I've just acquired a few Spectrum brushes which I can't wait to try *heart faced emoji*). None of these are overly expensive but the quality is fabulous. We all love Sam & Nic and their range of brushes & accessories are second to none & Zoeva's rose gold collection is just dreamy AF. 

Zoeva Concealer Buffer 142 - If i'm honest I don't actually use this as a concealer brush. I like to use this fluffy, round brush to really soften outside lines on my eyeshadow. Let's just say I was doing a smokey eye, I use this brush to soften the lines just below the brow bone to give a lovely airbrushed finish. This would work great on really buffing concealer onto smaller areas (such as spots) on the face and maybe sometime soon I'll get round to trying it. 

Real Techniques Brow Brush - I use this brush every single time I do my make up and I would honestly be lost without it. I'm truly a believer in brows. They frame your face and no make up look is right without them. I use a Sleek eyebrow kit and this is my weapon of choice for really working the product into the brows and giving that bold look. 

Zoeva Silk Finish 102 - I think a buffing brush is a necessity in every girls make up brush collection. This round, dense brush buffs make up into the skin giving that flawless complexion. This one doesn't shed any hairs and doesn't leave brush tracks on your face the way some flatter brushes can. I also apply liquid highlighter using this and it works fantastically. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush - This is my go to brush for powder blush application. It's got a slightly domed head meaning it's better for precise application. There's no bells and whistles. It's just a really great brush. 

Zoeva Powder Brush 106 - This large fluffy brush is a dream to apply powders with. I use this for either bronzer or translucent powder. Again, it doesn't shed any annoying hairs and it delivers a light dusting of whatever product you're using. This one tends to live in my on the go make up bag for touch ups wherever I am. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush - To tell the truth since I took this photograph I have actually got another brush that I like for contouring but I do still use this. This is a little domed brush that gets right into the hollow of your cheeks also blends it to perfection. I like to use for a powder contour rather than a cream.

Zoeva Luxe Sheer Cheek 127 - This is my preferred powder highlighter brush. The slanted head glides over cheekbones, delivering just the right amount of product. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - To be honest this is fairly similar to the Zoeva offering. I use both equally as much but this one is a little softer. I tend to use this with my lighter bases as it delivers a light coverage. 

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush - This small fluffy brush is really multi use. I use this to lay down my shadow base and I also use it to blend colour out a little as well. This is probably my most used brush. I love it. 

You can find Real Techniques here & Zoeva here

Brand Spotlight - Esprit

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

 photo image_20.jpeg

So gals (&guys if there's any of you out there) I've got a new feature i'm gonna be running every month & that brand spanking new feature is called 'Brand Spotlight'. I'm using this spot to showcase brands that have caught my attention, they might not actually be new to you guys but they're sure new to me. 
This month the spotlight is shining on Esprit. The brand motto is 'we want to make you feel good and look good' which is a pretty positive thing to aspire to in my opinion. They do clothes, shoes & accessories for men, woman & kids and also some pretty sweet homeware to boot. 
The women's wear goes from sizes 6 up to 20 in some items which I really love. There's nothing worse as a bigger girl than finding something super cute and realizes it only goes up to a size 14 or something (does a little cry). The clothes have a real Californian cool vibe about them which I'm all about as let's be honest I'm a fairly low key kinda girl. They've got stripes, cropped skinnies, slouchy basics...urgh just perf. They also do some really pretty special occasion pieces. I’ve got 2 weddings over the Summer and I’m gonna be checking out that beautiful blush maxi. Oh and I DIE over that brown suede bag. Bag of dreams? Maybe *swoons*.
If i'm honest I think my favourite bit about Esprit is their gorgeous homeware. Literally gorgeous. Think green, banana leaf print, tropical blooms...I think I need my living room to resemble the home lookbook. Urban Spring I'm looking at you boo. 
If Scandi style is your thing (which admittedly I'm also really into) then the Woods lookbook is gonna be right up your alley. I'm talking muted greys, tree prints and subtle prints. 
Come payday I'm seeing a serious dent in my pay package as I furnish my house in banana print cushions and clothe myself in yet more stripey tees...oops...

 photo image_9.jpeg photo image_10.jpeg photo image_11.jpeg photo image_12.jpeg photo image_13.jpeg photo image_14.jpeg photo image_15.jpeg photo image_16.jpeg photo image_17.jpeg photo image_19.jpeg

Weekly Favourites

Sunday, 17 April 2016

1. Since this sweatshirt arrived through my letterbox it's hardly been off my back (only when I had to wash it cos I got Easter chocolate on it, soz hun the struggle is real). Hannah Gale is probably my favourite blogger and when I saw her sweatshirts were stopping being made I knew I had to snap one up...well that and after a few too many cocktails I got abit fan girly and weird...'ahh Hannah I love you home girl must steal your style blah blah'. It's super warm, super cosy and pretty cute too. 

 photo image_22.jpeg

2. I literally never thought boyfriend fit jeans would be my thing. I'm a fully committed skinnies gal but I've seen some seriously stylin' girls wearing boyfriend jeans on Pinterest and I wanted to get a piece of the action. I got these from Evans and I am fully fledged in love with them. They're so comfy and they look good with everything I've paired them with. They're honestly so different to anything else I own but I guess it's good to mix things up every once in a while. Wanna hook a gal up on any other baggy babes I can get my mitts on? 

 photo image_23.jpeg

3. I've always used medium to full coverage foundations cos my skin ain't great and I wanna cover that shiz up but recently my skin has been super dry and my normal base hasn't been cutting it. After plenty of research I wondered if a tinted moisturizer and some concealer would be a better bet for me. My searching led me to Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. I've got the shade Natural which is perfect for me when I'm wearing fake tan (which is pretty much all the time). It's gorgeous, light and blends like a dream. It's truly that my skin but better base and with some concealer and powder I can look polished but natural.  

 photo image_27.jpeg

4. I love to cook and I love books so my collection of cookery books is ever growing. Me & Carl have been making the effort to eat better recently and having fabulous recipes to follow makes that so easy. I saw The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel on Anna's montly favourites so I picked it up myself and I think it's great. The first half of the book goes into detail about nutrition, gut health, detoxing & de-stressing amongst other things and the second half is packed with yummy recipes. I've already made the lemon and herb chicken which I can confirm is delicious and I'm making cauliflower pizza for myself tomorrow. Yum.

 photo image_26.jpeg

5. Keeping with the healthy theme is the fabulousness that is the nourishment bowl or Buddha bowl as some people call them. These are basically plant based bowls full of yummy, filling goodness. My favourite combo is spinach, roasted veg (I used broccoli & sweet potato here) cous cous or quinoa, cherry tomatoes, homemade baked falafel (couldn't be bothered to make any so I used some ham) & some homemade hummus oh and a cheeky bit of feta. This was really quick to put together & it was delightful. These also travel well for an interesting packed lunch. 

 photo image_24.jpeg

6. I'm the type of person who falls asleep in front of the television watching a movie but the second I get up to bed I'm wide awake and loving life much to Carl's dismay. Sorry Boo, can't help that I wanna poke you & that I need ALL the attention. I hate lying in bed not able to sleep. We've all been there girls, tossing and turning and remembering that awkward moment from 10 years ago - ain't nobody got time for that. I read about sleep tea and I decided to try it out. I've always been into coffee & hated tea but I've been giving Clipper sleep easy infusion a try and I'm really into it. I don't know whether it's in my head or this really does work but about 15 minutes after drinking this lovely smelling tea, i'm drifting off into some of the nicest sleep I've ever had. I've become such an old woman that I look forward to getting into bed with my tea. Soz about me. Old age must be setting in.

 photo image_25.jpeg

7. My guilty pleasure TV wise has to be Cold Case. I can't get enough of it. I love crime, I love murder stories, I love the cleverly chosen soundtrack, I love flashbacks....*sighs* this show has it all. I set my Sky + box to record this which means that whenever I have a spare moment I'm flicking through, choosing an episode and getting stuck into a whodunnit. I'm pretty good at guessing the killer...maybe I should have been a Detective. I have no idea how many series or episodes of this there is but it never disappoints me. Fab. 

 photo image_21.jpeg

8. Since this dreamy little bae came into my life i've been wondering how I lived without it. Anything that means that maybe I can look even a smigen like Rosie Huntington-Whitely is fine by me and the rose gold packaging makes it even better. I'm not the best at contouring but I try my best and this product makes it so easy. The product is the perfect tone. Not too dark, not too warm and it blends like an absolute dream. I've used a beauty blender and a brush to work this into the skin and both work really well. This is the first thing I've tried by RHW for M&S but I'm eyeing up an eye shadow quad and lip stick as we speak...

 photo image_29.jpeg

21 Thoughts every girl in her 20's has daily

Thursday, 14 April 2016

 photo image_30.jpeg
*Image from Bustle. Other credits on image itself. 

1. Am I infertile? Can I have kids? Why have I never been pregnant? Am I pregnant now? Uh oh...

2. Will I ever pay my student debt off? Is this the job I'm going to be doing forever? God I owe like 20 grand.

3. Hmmm, if I eat this cupcake will I feel fatter? I didn't eat dinner last night...I only drank 2 bottles of wine....liquid calories don't count right?

4. Why is everyone on Instagram more gorgeous and happy and successful than me?

5. I actually love Taylor Swift and I don't care who knows it.

6. My BFF hasn't replied to my whatsapp but she's been she pissed at me? What have I done?


8. CANDLES. Candles everywhere. YANKEE YANKEE YANKEE.

9. Are these finally the skinny jeans that will make me look like a Victoria Secrets Model? I'd rather buy these than eat for the rest of the month. Who needs food when my bum looks this hot?

10. I don't look hot. I look like I have cankles.

11. OMG that hot guy is looking at me. Hmm...he looks my skirt tucked into my knickers? Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Oh no I'm just staring at him weirdly.


13. Gosh white furniture is dreamy. I want everything in my house to be white.

14, Must check instagram and cry over everyone else's perfect lives.

15. Do my eyebrows look like Cara Delvigne's yet?

16. Woah 1D got hot. Am I a pervert? How old are they?

17. OMG I'm so old. I'm nearly 30 what have I achieved??

18. Have I missed the latest episode of Girls?

19. I could just cry right now. I don't really know why but I could.


21. Why aren't I Beyonce? Feelin' myself I'm feelin' myself...

Weekly Favourites

Friday, 1 April 2016

1. One of my routines is on my day off (usually a Thursday for anyone who's interested) is to go for a walk around my local area and have a nosey in the charity shops and see what books I can find. I love to read and I get through books so quickly, it can be a costly hobby so buying them second hand means I can get through books like I want too and also give a little something to charity while I'm at it. I'm not an overly choosy reader but I particularly love YA and I've found so many of these whilst frequenting the charity shops. 

 photo image_8.jpeg

2. I like to buy flowers for the house on a weekly basis as I just love seeing some bright blooms pepping up my home. I keep flowers in my living room, dining area & bedroom and daffodils have been my flower of choice for the past few weeks. Nothing says Spring like Daffodils! Flowers are a inexpensive indulgence that I'll always treat myself to. I get mine from Aldi. They're fairtrade and a great price.

 photo image_7.jpeg

3. How heart faced emoji are these? These shoes are my new boo and we're very much in love. Since these arrived on Saturday these shoes haven't been off my feet and I'm really happy about that. I was browsing the internet last week looking for some style inspiration and came across these. I remembered wanting those dreamy grey & light pink Air Max's (does anyone remember those little cuties?) and while these aren't those pastel gals I dreamed of they're definately just as pretty. 

 photo image_6.jpeg

4. I'm really not normally much of a tv girl but recently I've been glued to a few shows. I found this cheeky little gem while browsing Netflix because I was scared of noises downstairs and Carl was asleep (we'd been watching Paranormal Activity & the cat was being super vocal so I was convinced Toby had moved in). Love is about two people who meet in pretty random circumstances and their lives from then onwards. It's produced by Judd Apatow & I think I just love anything he's involved with so it was probably a given I was gonna fall for this. It's so funny and it's had my crying on a few occasions. Give it a little watch you might just love it.

 photo image.jpeg

5. I've tried a few things from Pixi & so far I'm really loving everything they've got going on. I've been having a bad time with dry skin recently (hey central heating I'm looking at you) and I was looking for a facial spritz I could use over make up throughout the day. I came across this and since I've been enjoying the Pixi Glow Tonic so much I thought I'd give this a go. Oh I love this! Smells divine, hydrates my skin, gives my make up some life after a long working day. What else do you need?

 photo image_5.jpeg

6. I've been a fan of Ellie Goulding since the beginning of her career but when I heard this song the other day I felt blown away by it. From hearing the first few bars of 'Here's To Us' I knew I was gonna be obsessed with it. I can't get enough of it at the moment. If you're interested in hearing anything else I'm loving this month you can listen to it here

 photo image_2.jpeg

7. Last but not least is possibly my favourite show Girls. This isn't a new favourite as I've loved it from the start but this season has been amazing and the last episode really stuck with me. I won't spoil it by saying anything but all I will say is that Allison Williams gave the best performance throughout her whole time on the show. I loved her before but I love her even more now. 

 photo image_1.jpeg
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